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What do I need to qualify?

    HALO is looking for clients who are committed to getting, and keeping, their finances in order so that they can qualify for a mortgage at the end of the lease. We look for clients who have a clear path to achieving these mutual goals. At a minimum, prospects should meet the following criteria in order to initiate an application:
  • Minimum current credit score of 480
  • Minimum household income of $4,500 per month (I.e. total pre-tax income from applicant + co-applicant)
  • Down Payment funds available at time of lease (minimum 3.5% of house price)
  • Commitment to work on credit repair during the life of the lease
  • 100% commitment to obtaining a mortgage

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By applying for the HALO program, I agree that my financial information submitted above will be shared with licensed mortgage lenders to determine my eligibility for HALO and ultimately for a mortgage.