Americans don’t dream of renting a home. They dream of owning one.
Access to homeownership is one of the most pressing social justice issues of our time. Since 2016, HALO has been on a mission to turn renters into homeowners - whether they are qualified for a mortgage or not.
#BlackLivesMatter Statement: HALO proudly stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We clearly and unambiguously condemn discrimination, racism, and violence in any form, and strive to diminish the persistent wealth gaps that are the source of racial inequality and social injustice for communities of color.

HALO is a new type of residential lease program designed for people who want to buy a house today, but don't currently qualify for mortgage financing. For aspiring buyers who are committed to repairing their credit, HALO provides the opportunity to lock-in a price on your dream home, rent it while working on a customized mortgage approval plan, then purchase it from HALO when you are ready. HALO partners with licensed real estate agents and mortgage lenders in each state we serve to help you achieve your home ownership dream

“ Thanks to David and his team a dream for my family and I came true. Owning a home is something I never thought would happen for me and this morning I got to see a smile on my children face because they are so happy with their new rooms. Thank you so much David and the Halo team. You guys really are making a difference in the world.” - Rickey E., Raleigh NC

“ As a 16 year licensed real estate agent, I am a supporter of this program. We were able to close in 2 weeks! HALO was accessible and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to closing more transactions with HALO! ” - Valencia W.H., Realtor®, Atlanta GA

“ Just completed the purchase of our home from HALO! Very happy and so thankful to David and his team for making this dream come true! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for some help buying a house.” - Laura B., Phoenix AZ

“ As a licensed Realtor in the state of AZ I have seen this program help dozens of families buy a home. One of my favorite parts of assisting clients with using this program is how fast and easy it is. We have closed homes in 2 weeks with an average closing of 3 weeks! Another great feature is this group ALWAYS gets a home inspection and provides a home warranty to ensure piece of mind for the new owner. Thank you Halo group for being honest, fast and helping families accomplish their homeownership goals.” - Josh C., Realtor®, Phoenix AZ

Do I Qualify?

Our clients have been through all sorts of financial difficulties, including bankruptcies, foreclosures, short-sales, medical issues and divorce. As long as you have a demonstrated commitment to repairing past credit issues and a pathway to mortgage qualification, we can work with you. While every client's situation is different, applicants should meet the following minimum standards: Minimum 12 months from Bankruptcy discharge; 24 months from a Foreclosure or Short-Sale. Minimum Credit Score of 480, with a clear path to reaching 620 within 36 months (don't worry, we can help you get there); Minimum gross household income before taxes of $4500/month, and applicants must be able to show 2 years tax returns by the time they apply for a mortgage. Based on standard FHA down payment guidelines, we require that you have cash equal to 3.5% of the purchase price in order to enter the HALO program.

Fixing My Credit

Most HALO clients have credit scores below 600 and need help to qualify for a mortgage. This often includes disputing erroneous items on your credit report as well as settling outstanding collection items. HALO recognizes that many clients will need customized guidance and assistance to bring their scores up. For these clients, specialized HALO staff will provide a detailed roadmap that, if properly followed, will lead to mortgage-qualifying scores within 12 months. HALO is unique in our 100% commitment to helping you fix your credit problems.